Well as of today (06/11/16) this project has reached the 6 month mark, in those 6 months I have been amazed by the support I have received, in regards to people, liking posts, following, etc so first and foremost thank you.

Over these 6 months the project has deviated greatly from what I originally intended it to be which was simply to store my recipes, into a place for me to share my interests with others. So while it was unexpected I am glad this project has taken a tangent as not only am I finding it more enjoyable but it has also made me more motivated to improve.

As part of this desire to improve I have been working on some new types of content to integrate into the site in addition to the recipes that I have been and will continue to be posting as a way to inject more of a ‘personality’ into the project, with this new content I am hoping to include things such as

  • The science behind cooking and food
  • ‘Why Cooking’ – i.e. what makes us pursue food as an interest opposed to just using it to survive
  • In depth looks at ingredients
  • Occasional reviews

And I am sure there will be many more, I have also got some food related projects in the pipelines which will start to gradually appear overtime.

While these changes will be gradual there  have been some more immediate changes these include the about page finally has something on it You can also see the behind the scenes part of the project over on instagramtwitter and facebook

In closing thank you again to everyone who has supported the project I hope you have enjoyed it as much as did creating it and continue to enjoy and make use of it as time goes on.


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