Cooking With “Gordon Ramsay 3 Star Chef – Slow Braised Pork Belly with Langoustine , Crushed Peas and Madeira Sauce

For my first post of the cooking with series I introduced here. I am going to start with something from a lesser known cookbook by the chef Gordon Ramsay, looking at some of the recipes that have appeared on the menu at restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London. While I hadn’t intended to start with something like this, I decided to try this book for the first time last month for a meal to celebrate my birthday so figured since I was trying a new book I may as well start the new series with my attempt.20170516-DSC_0041

First off I started by getting the meat ready to be braised by rolling it and then browning the outside of it in a hot pan.


The next was the braising base which starts with the standard Mirepoix, and some additional onion which is softened before the pan is deglazed with white wine and the meat is returned to pan along with chicken and veal stock.

20170516-DSC_0025  20170516-DSC_0026

After the meat had been braised for a few hours I removed it from the liquid and untied it unrolled it onto a tray, the recipe says to weigh it down with cans to flatten it while it cools.

I’m guessing that the chefs at the restaurant do a better job then I did in trimming the pork so that it lies flatter as in my case the cans weren’t enough so I used a cast iron pan for extra weight and seemed to be enough.


While the meat was cooling I made a start on the sauce. The first step was to strain the braising liquid through a sieve then reduce it. While this was reducing I also reduced madeira in another saucepan. These are then combined and reduced further still until thick.

20170516-DSC_0031 20170516-DSC_0035

The next step was the peas this was a relatively quick process so much so I took no pictures of the process. but essentially after blanching peas they are drained and then pulsed in a blender with a little olive oil.

The final steps was finishing the pork and cooking the langoustines ready for plating, so after slicing the pork into cubes I briefly fried the pork to brown all the edges and crisp up the fat. During this time I also fried the langostine tails the recipie calls for the langostiene coral to saved from the head and rubbed on the tails before cooking to maintian a better colour, I skipped this step as despite looking online I was unable to work out what the coral actually is.

20170516-DSC_0037 20170516-DSC_0038

And Then it was onto plating resulting in what you saw in the first picture.


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